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Ultimate Psionics Item Cards PDF
Ultimate Psionics Item Cards PDF
$ 4.99
Path of War - COLOR PRINT
Path of War - COLOR PRINT
$ 34.99
Psionics Embodied - PDF ONLY
Psionics Embodied - PDF ONLY
$ 9.99
Path of War - PRINT
Path of War - PRINT
$ 24.99
Akashic Mysteries Subscription
Akashic Mysteries Subscription
$ 14.99

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Preorder Ultimate Psionics in color hardcover, B&W hardcover, or get the PDF - now available!

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Path of War in PRINT!
Posted by Angellis_ater on 20-10-2014 19:30 (131 Views | 0 Comments) Release : DSP
Hi Guys!

It's been a little while since we unleashed the Path of War in PDF format on all of you. Some of you have already found it (your quite the resourceful bunch, aren't you?) on Amazon, but we're here to tell you it's now available at all storefronts - the PRINT Path of War!

If you haven't already bought the PDF - make sure to pick up the awesome bundle (both book and PDF for just 29.99$).

Find it here at: Paizo, D20PFSRD, DriveThruRPG, Dreamscarred Press (and bonus preview of our upcoming website!) or Amazon.

Naturally, it's also available here at our current store!

If it is in pre-order status anywhere, it's because the books are on their way. If it's on backorder, it's because we're already sold out! Very Happy

Path of War released! Come get it now!
Posted by Angellis_ater on 11-09-2014 09:00 (272 Views | 0 Comments) General news :
After a year of playtesting and gradual releases, we are so very proud to introduce the finalized Path of War!

Path of War offers a number of new options for any campaign setting or game, from classes and archetypes, feats, items and monsters, to organizations that are fundamentally connected to cultures of martial disciples that have learned, developed, and spread disciplines of maneuvers to their members for mutual benefit. By adding the Path of War to your campaign, you're adding an exciting wealth of new opportunities and options to the Pathfinder game system, breathing new life in to combat as well as into classic monsters that will suddenly have new tricks that veteran players will enjoy as much as new players. Martial disciples are here at last for the Pathfinder game system, and they're determined to change the face of combat forever.

Come get it here!

Psionic Bestiary Now Available!
Posted by Jeremy.Smith on 18-06-2014 02:00 (465 Views | 0 Comments) Release :
The full Psionic Bestiary, all 100 pages of monster goodness, is now available for download! This bestiary includes the monsters found in Psionics Unleashed, as well as all the monsters released individually as part of our Psionic Bestiary product line.

With monsters of all levels, new templates, and even a variety of psionic dragons, there are monsters for random encounters or even that could serve as the entire theme of a campaign.

We are now working on getting the proof copy ordered of the softcover book!

Path of War: Supplemental Content Released!
Posted by Jeremy.Smith on 23-04-2014 20:00 (642 Views | 0 Comments) Release :
The fourth installment of the Path of War serialized releases is now available!

This installment of the Path of War contains the final content before consolidating all four parts into a single tome of martial combat support!

Included in this 25-page book you will find:

Archetypes for each of the Path of War base classes (the stalker, warder, and warlord), including the soulhunter, the dervish defender, and the steelfist commando!
New feats for characters using maneuvers, such as Discipline Expertise, Martial Power, and Victorious Recovery
Five new prestige classes using maneuvers, including

  • The Battle Templar, a divine combatant who blends maneuvers with holy power
  • The Blade Caster, who learns to use his arcane energy to augment his combat expertise
  • The Dragon Fury, a dual-wielding warrior who dances to the tune of the dragon war god
  • The Mage Hunter, the scourge of arcane casters who blends martial combat with stealth to slay mages
  • And the Umbral Blade, who has a connection to the Plane of Shadow and transforms his very blade into a weapon of darkness

Path of War: Supplemental Content requires the other parts of the Path of War series for use.

Psionic Bestiary Releases!
Posted by Jeremy.Smith on 19-03-2014 19:30 (582 Views | 0 Comments) Release :
We are working to finalize the Psionic Bestiary and two new releases are now available. Each release contains six new monsters.

The first is Psionic Bestiary: Six Monsters and the second is Psionic Bestiary: Part 9. With psionic plants, elementals, and aberrations, and undead, there are a varied assortment of psionic creatures coming in the Psionic Bestiary.

We estimate there will be two to three more releases in the Psionic Bestiary before we compile everything into the final release!

Psionic Miniatures Update!
Posted by Jeremy.Smith on 21-01-2014 15:30 (647 Views | 0 Comments) General news :
In July, we ran our second Kickstarter, this one to fund a line of psionic miniatures. To date, we have completed sculpting on thirteen of the miniatures, with five more still being sculpted.

Soon, we should have our first production run done of the first batch and begin fulfilling orders for our Kickstarter backers. Once we have finished that, these miniatures will be made available to the public!

However, because of the limitations of our current store, especially when dealing with free products, shipping rates, and subscriptions, we will be launching a pledge manager that will also become our new store and website.

For those wanting to get some of our psionic miniatures, they will be available in the next couple of months. Want to take a look at the miniatures currently produced? Check them out on our Facebook page.

Psionics Augmented Volume I Updated
Posted by Jeremy.Smith on 29-12-2013 04:30 (851 Views | 0 Comments) General news :
Psionics Augmented, Volume I has had an update released. Below are the changes included in this update.

Bookmarks added for Legendary Items
Advanced racial options for the forgeborn and noral now included
Mutator - Clarified the trigger for Combustible Mutagen
Mutator - caster level specified for Sizable Mutation
Sleeper's Guardian - Lullaby now has a daily limit and a scaling effect
Fleshbinder - Through the Blood has a planar range limit.
Assassin's Shot now specifies it is on a successful ranged attack
One Pattern - Ranks required for Knowledge Psionics specified (in feat and table)
Crown of Chaos - corrected references to Lesser Psicrown to Greater.
Bolding / italicizing corrections

Ultimate Psionics is released!
Posted by Angellis_ater on 26-12-2013 21:30 (880 Views | 0 Comments) General news :
The time has come to unleash Ultimate Psionics upon the world! The product of a very successful Kickstarter, the PDF version is now available for immediate download!

The print version will be coming as soon as we get the proofs from the printer, and until that time rolls around we will keep the GREAT pre-order offer (pay for the book, get the PDF for FREE!) available!

Holiday Sale Has Begun!
Posted by Jeremy.Smith on 27-11-2013 21:30 (763 Views | 0 Comments) General news :
It's a holiday sale at Dreamscarred Press!

Get some of our best-selling products at ridiculously low prices!

Psionics Unleashed PDF for 50% off! Printed book for 25% off! Bundled for 30% off!
Psionics Expanded PDF for 50% off! Printed book for 25% off! Bundled for 30% off!
Psionics Augmented PDF for 50% off! Printed book for 25% off! Bundled for 30% off!
Psionic power cards for 50% off! Psion/wilder, psychic warrior, discipline powers, Psionics Expanded powers
From the Deep #1 and From the Deep #2 PDFs for 50% off!

These prices won't last forever, so if you've been waiting to pick one or more of these books up, now is the time to get it!

Seventh Path Playtesting Has Begun!
Posted by Jeremy.Smith on 11-11-2013 17:30 (760 Views | 0 Comments) General news :
Fans have been asking for us to develop rules for psionic and spiritual interaction for a long time. We are finally ready to kick off playtesting!

The first piece released is the medium discipline for the psion. Alpha playtesting is now underway, so please check it out!

We are still working on dozens of powers for the new Spiritism discipline - the so-called seventh path to go alongside clairsentience, metacreativity, psychokinesis, psychometabolism, psychoportation, and telepathy.

In addition, new feats, archetypes, items, and more, are coming!

Get ready to explore the Seventh Path from Dreamscarred Press!

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